In knitting news….

I just finished row 42.

108 rows to go.

I finished the Nutkin socks. They’re very twisty. And they slouch a lot….I might make them again only with ribbing at the cuff.

And got ready to knit another pair for my sister’s Christmas present. (Below is my new swift and my mom. )

She already picked out a pattern, which I’ll reveal when I get them started.

And this:

 THIS is HALF of my Christmas gift from my sister Shelly.  I am a lucky girl.

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  1. Aaaack – the last picture came up with just a box with a red x – hopefully it will post when I try again tomorrow. Love the Batik!! That color is spectacular. Nutkin also came out great. And it is not that you are lucky – it is that you are loved!!

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