1/2 way through Batik and Summer fun

I must say, I’m very excited about how this shawl is coming out. I’m on Row 80. It looks beautiful.

My favorite parts are the little cables.

And I started Liana’s Christmas socks. I’m making her the Kai-Mei socks by Cookie A. She picked out the pattern and she fell in love with the Dream in Color Starry yarn that¬†Shelly bought for me.


I’m loving the yarn so far. It holds together nicely and has great definition. It’s not all fuzzy. The last pair I made her was practically felting as I knit them!

And summer is here in full swing:

Emmet was treated to a visit from Grandma:

And a visit from Aunt Shelly:

And a visit from “Angelina” (That’s how he says Aunt Janina.)

We’ve had wonderful times with my favorite people:

Father’s Day:

Sparklers on the 4th:


But now I must get back to knitting. After all, I have a whole lot of yarn to get through…



  1. Hmmmm – I’m not getting to see the pictures – all I get are boxes with red x’s in them. I will try again tomorrow. Makes me grumpy (but then again, it doesn’t take much to make me grumpy – going back to watching Harry Potter.)

  2. Yes – I can see the pictures now!!! And now Chip can see that I am not the only one with a cupboard full of beautiful colors to get giggly about!! Love it all. Especially that little beaming shark boy of yours!!

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