Happy Birthday Evan

One of my very closest friends just shaved off all his hair. His head is going to be very cold soon. Awhile ago, I promised to make him a new hat. His old one had lived quite a life, and needed to retire. Evan’s birthday is not until December 3rd, but his head cannot wait that long.

And so it is done. I made it big, because he’s a boy, and they tend to have big heads. It does not fit me, so I cannot keep it, as I was tempted to do. Knitting a hat this size on size 1 needles….well, if I get carpal tunnel syndrome, I know which project to blame.

The name of the hat is 2×2 Ribbed For His Pleasure. HeeHee. Above you will see Mike wondering about the shape of the hat, which I must say is odd, and I was worried it wouldn’t lay flat on top of a head.

But it does! And I LOVE the decrease pattern. Simple, yet a little bit stylin’ at the same time. And the yarn I used is a bamboo mix, so hopefully it won’t be itchy on a bare head. When I give it to Evan on Sunday, I’ll make sure to take his picture in it for the blog.

And if Evan doesn’t like it, I’m sure Mike would be more than happy to keep it!


  1. Will you have enough left to make your sweater? Love the decrease pattern too. I paid for our hand-dying workshop today. The teacher is from the Boston area so that might be a great connection for you to make. Love you.

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