Our day in Boston

I soooo¬† want to be knitting the Mystery shawl, but fun things keep getting in the way! Yesterday Mike and I took Emmet into Boston. The weather was gorgeous and we were itchin’ to do something we don’t normally do. We started out the trip by sitting in a really cool chair at Evan and Melissa’s house:

Then we went into Boston Common and enjoyed the park. Evan and Emmet found a really different tree.

I don’t know what kind of tree it is but I want one at my house.

We watched the Swan boats and Emmet threw some popcorn he found on the ground to the ducks.

We saw some American flags for Memorial day. Lots of them.

And we took a ride on a carousel!

Take a look at the name of the pub!

Emmet was very excited to see his name on the building.

And all this excitement made for one VERY tired little boy. A little boy who had skipped his nap that day.

And could no longer stay awake, not one more moment. Emmet loves this stroller and stopped me from selling it at a garage sale a few weeks ago. Good thing!

Today there will be a cookout, and then HOPEFULLY some serious shawl knitting when I get home tonight.


  1. Yaaaaaay – I think you should take more day trips so I can try to get caught up with you, considering I have to finish 24 rows before I am even at the point you are starting at. Plus I have been spending the past two days pulling apart my house to get air conditioners put in and clothes switched over to summer in the dressers and my day trip was to Walmart to pick up MORE storage containers. So I have only completed 11 of my first 24 rows of the shawl. Vash, however, can now read the pattern and tells me when I am to do a yarn over, a slip slip knit, a knit two together and how many knit stitches to do. My adorable Emmet is even more adorable at the end of a very busy day.

  2. Barbara Antonelli

    05.29.11 at 10:48 pm

    Well ,we didn’t connect today, but now I know all about yesterday Looks like it was a lot of fun Did you bring Emmet in his pub? How cool was that! Hope your cook-out is fun today. I had a turkey dinner and swam in a 94 degree pool this afternoon..I actually think my 76 degree water feels better,more refreshing! Great pictures!!! You looked beautiful Danielle….Love,Mom

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