Super Secret project might make my hands fall off.

So, the Super Secret project is moving along. In the beginning I was flying through it. Chart 1 was done in a day. Chart 2 followed quickly after. Chart 3…well…it was a bit slower, but still felt like I was going somewhere. Chart 4…sigh…my hands hurt. My arms muscles are sore. I did the calculations. 245 stitches per row, 54 rows = 13,230 stitches. That’s only Chart 4. It gets BIGGER, people.  And yet, somehow, it doesn’t really look all that big.

Don’t worry though. I WILL finish. I will keep plugging along. I’m really still having fun knitting it.

Yarn, stitch markers and ibuprofen….aaaahhhh…


  1. LOVE that color. One of the mainstays of my life – anything resembling the color of denim I always think about ordering. (Which is why it is amazing that I let the Nikko Blue Madelinetosh DK pass when watching Wool Watchers today – it is only because I am saving my money for the great Sanguine Gryphon I want to get at Rhinebeck!!!). Ooooh – is your super secret project circular? That’s alot of stitches and getting bigger.

  2. Danielle

    08.20.11 at 11:37 am

    I really like the color too. The yarn is actually a joy to work with. It’s going to drape really beautifully. Is it circular? Hmmm……I don’t know? 😉

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