Back in 2008, a friend’s mother asked me if I’d like to learn to knit. She had just learned herself and thought it was something I’d really enjoy. I had reservations but apparently she knew me better than I knew myself because within about 10 minutes of trying it out, I was totally and completely in love. This love turned into an obsession and soon I was building my stash and printing out patterns at work. Ravelry would consume me for hours and I spent long days at an unhappy job dreaming of what I would knit next. My husband designed a blog for me so I could start writing about my knitting adventures.

In 2010 I was laid off along with the rest of my customer service unit, and I couldn’t have been happier about that. I’d been needing a change and now was my chance. I took a job proofreading from home, and although I really liked it and working from home was a pleasant experience, my pay was cut in half and I needed a way to make up some of my lost wages.

Dyeing Yarn For a while I’d been toying with the idea of dyeing my own yarn, and now I started to seriously look into it. I watched videos and took books out of the library and studied up on different processes. I searched yard sales looking for the supplies I’d need. I started slow and tried Kool Aid first and that turned out pretty good so I splurged and bought professional dyes and gave those a try. It took a while of trying different techniques and different brands and types of yarn, but soon I fell into a groove and developed my own way of doing things.

Once I felt my yarn was worthy, I opened my own Etsy shop and started to offer it to the rest of the world. There are so many talented yarn dyers out there, and I knew I was a tiny fish in this huge Etsy ocean of dyers, but I also knew that if you have faith even as small as a mustard seed, you can move mountains, and heck, all I was trying to do was make beautiful yarn! I had faith that I could make a little business doing something I love. My very talented husband designed my logo and I was off on a new adventure.

Mustard Seed Yarn Lab is my small boutique business creating hand dyed yarn and roving. Unlike the larger manufacturers, each skein is lovingly dyed to create a unique one-of-a-kind colorway. Using only high quality fiber from a local company and eco-friendly dyes, each skein is treated with an artist’s aesthetic, creating a mood through color and composition. Great for your project or as a gift for a knitter/crocheter you know.