Spring is coming!!

Everyday Emmet and I do a check on all the flowers to see how ready they are to bloom. Here’s what is going on in the front yard…..Daffodils!

And does anyone know what theseĀ  are?
The leaves have slightly pink edges and tips. Are these leaves going to give me some flowers at some point? And what are those blue flowers? They’re EVERYWHERE.
Emmet has as much fun watching everything grow as I do. He swears to me the daffodils smell beautiful, although I didn’t smell much of anything when I got that close.
See those red shoots? Those are my peonies coming. They’ve been one of my favorite flowers ever since I can remember. My gram used to grow them along the side of her house and she’d take me outside and we’d cut them together and shake the ants off and bring them in to put on her kitchen table. We never got all the ants off.
We can actually see green grass in the backyard and Emmet is patiently waiting for the robins to lay eggs in their nest in his playset like they do every year.
And springtime brings something else with it….bugs! What little boy doesn’t love bugs? They’re like tiny monsters. Emmet has a newly rekindled love for his Insect book, and insisted on bringing it to bed with him last night. This is how I found him later on, sound asleep. (And on the scariest page, in my opinion. That would give me nightmares.)
A random picture of my bookshelf. Looking at it makes me happy. Goodnight everyone.

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  1. Woo Hoo!! I recognize some of those yarns!! And those are grape hyacinths coming up the yard. I love them. They look amazing in mass plantings. You are inspiring me to clean up the yard today and see what we got coming up. I am waiting for the white forsythia to bloom – it is late this year. Love that picture of Mike and Emmet on your shelf. Glad to see there is room behind it for more yarn (Hah!)

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