One hour left before bed. Knit or blog, knit or blog….I pick knit! Goodnight everyone!


  1. A rational, reasonable and well-supported choice. (grin)

  2. Hey Danni, Your blog site is so beautiful and inspiring…I may have to start my own. I
    I love seeing your knitting projects and the flowers are also really beautiful. You
    have quite the yarn stash! You really need to come to Lowell when we return and
    check out the yarn outlet w/in walking distance of our condo. They have some wonderful
    things to look at and feel 🙂 Not that you need any more yarn, but it is fun to
    look and dream.

    Didn’t do too much knitting this winter. I got into making and selling cards at the
    RV park we stayed at. I got quite a rep and people started coming to me on their
    own when they needed a special card for some occasion. Hope we can hook up this summer
    I really miss you. Emmet is getting all grown up and SO cute! Chat soon. Bon

    • Danielle

      04.12.11 at 2:32 pm

      I can’t wait to see you again Bonnie, and I would LOVE to check out the yarn outlet in Lowell! Just tell me when you’re back and I’m there!

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