Mike’s Convertible mittens

My husband has only asked me to knit him 3 things ever. I’ve offered to make him socks or a sweater and he always politely says, “No Thanks.” He did want a hat, however, when I first started knitting, and I made him one, but it wasn’t anything special, and very beginner-like. He asked for an Ipod holder, and I really had great intentions of making one….just never got around to it. So this winter, when I made a pair of convertible mittens for my sister, he actually really liked them! He ASKED for a pair and I was so happy to oblige. I would finally knit my husband something to be proud of.

Then he started making requests….can they have individual fingers? Can you have the thumb convert too? Can you add maybe a small design or stripe or something? I sent him to Ravelry and he found these Podster Gloves. They were everything he wanted. Over a month later, and weeks of me cursing individual fingers, I finished Mike’s Convertible mittens.

Mike's Convertible Mittens

Aren’t they cool?? And I managed to get them finished before winter was completely over, so he got to actually wear them for awhile!

I wish I had a pair. Sigh….


  1. These came out so good – I love them and hope Chip doesn’t see them because I am cursing out socks now – he is already coveting my flip top mittens you made me. I can’t even imagine four needle knitting on fingers. These are just awesome. How’s the shawl doing?

  2. Danielle

    04.7.11 at 1:38 pm

    The shawl is coming along slowly but frustrating me. I don’t like the way the center looks, certainly not the way MMario’s looks. And the “yarn” is so flimsy….it doesn’t seem like it’s going to be anything substantial…i feel like I’m knitting a cobweb.

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