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My weekend so far

And I’m including Friday, because even though I was working, I was dyeing yarn at the same time. Here’s some sneak peeks of the making of  Autumn Leaves and Midnight Sky :

The first picture is the more accurate one. Tomorrow I hope to take some better pictures, when they’re dry. It takes days to dry. It’s very hard for someone as impatient as myself.

I finished these:

They’re called Easy Handspun Mitts. Just click on that if you’d like the free pattern on Ravelry. They weren’t lying…they were definitely easy and fast, and the Noro yarn makes them sooooo addictive to knit…I’ve already started another pair for me! (These are for my niece.)

And the boys were productive as well:

Mike did all the work and Emmet supervised.

Well, it’s almost 11pm and I still have 2 more skeins of yarn cooling down in the pot. I think they’re going to be stunning. I will post their picture soon. I’m going to throw them on the drying rack and go to bed!





While working on other things…

I figure I will show off a different project. I started these Flip Top Mittens in October. I ended up making two pairs.

You see, I made one. The right one. And it was the first mitten/glove I ever made. I was feeling pretty cocky about it, too. So I rushed right into the next one as soon as I finished the first. I followed the pattern again, perfectly, quickly….and I made another one. Another. Right. Mitten.

I didn’t notice my mistake until I was 3/4 through the second mitten and after much cursing and kicking things, I decided the only thing I could do was finish it, and then make two left mittens.

It was not easy. I have a hard enough time motivating myself to make a second sock, much less a second whole pair of flip top mittens. One pair went to my sister in law, as a Thanksgiving present. The other pair went to my sister Shelly for Christmas.

I am jealous and I want a pair. They can be found in the book Knitting New Mittens & Gloves by Robin Melanson. Their official name is Jack In The Box.

Now I will give my little man a bath, and work a few more rows on the Queen Anne’s Lace shawl. I’m honestly not so sure how I feel about that shawl. I feel like I’m knitting a cobweb. You’ll see. I’ll post some progress pictures soon.

Mike’s Convertible mittens

My husband has only asked me to knit him 3 things ever. I’ve offered to make him socks or a sweater and he always politely says, “No Thanks.” He did want a hat, however, when I first started knitting, and I made him one, but it wasn’t anything special, and very beginner-like. He asked for an Ipod holder, and I really had great intentions of making one….just never got around to it. So this winter, when I made a pair of convertible mittens for my sister, he actually really liked them! He ASKED for a pair and I was so happy to oblige. I would finally knit my husband something to be proud of.

Then he started making requests….can they have individual fingers? Can you have the thumb convert too? Can you add maybe a small design or stripe or something? I sent him to Ravelry and he found these Podster Gloves. They were everything he wanted. Over a month later, and weeks of me cursing individual fingers, I finished Mike’s Convertible mittens.

Mike's Convertible Mittens

Aren’t they cool?? And I managed to get them finished before winter was completely over, so he got to actually wear them for awhile!

I wish I had a pair. Sigh….