Kai Mei socks are finished!

Another Christmas present finished! Aren’t they lovely? I just could not figure out in my head how these were going to work, but I eventually gave up thinking about it and just followed the pattern and there it was!

These are the Kai-Mei socks from Cookie A.’s book, Sock Innovation. Unfortunately, that is the only place you can get the pattern, as it’s not available on Ravelry. The yarn is Dream in Color Starry and the colorway is Spanish Star. It’s not really showing in the pictures, but there is silver thread running through the yarn, making these quite sparkly.

I’m very happy with them and kinda wish they were mine.


  1. Barbara Antonelli

    09.7.11 at 2:08 am

    Good job, now you can work on my present,maybe then I’ll get it this year….hee hee Love,Mom

    • Danielle

      09.7.11 at 12:44 pm

      Mom, now that we have together picked the most complicated vest in the world for you, we already agreed we would have to wait until January for me to start it. Still have 6 more Christmas gifts to finish!

  2. They came out great. You can keep them. Just tell Liana that the pattern did not work out well at all, that the yarn just was not working and that you will make her a different pair for Xmas. It’s not like our baby sister reads our blogs to know that they are finished. 🙂 Plus its your birthday yarn! So, is the Dream in Color yarn worth all they hype?

    • Danielle

      09.7.11 at 12:43 pm

      Haha! No, to be honest, the color is just not me. I don’t own one pink thing…nothing. It’s just a color that’s too cute for me to wear…unless it were an evil pink…like a crazy bright pink mixed with splashes of orange and red…that’s a pink for me….but the pastelly pink and purple, while I agree it’s lovely, just doesn’t do it for me. Even with the sparkles….which as we know, DO do it for me. So I will allow her to have the socks, since she picked the pattern and fell madly crazy about the yarn. As for the hype, it did knit up nicely, with good stitch definition and NO pooling of the colors around the heel. That is what I had heard about Dream in Color yarn….that it is pool resistant…and it prooved right in this case. But the socks are a bit scratchy. Not the softest yarn in the world. Fine for feet, but I don’t know if I’d make gloves with it or anything around the neck. And I still have plenty left over to use for my beekeeper’s quilt or a beautiful pink stripe in a random project.

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