Ok. This may look like a twisted knitting science experiment. But this is the chemo hat i’m making. LUCY I NEED YOU!!! If you remember correctly, i started out on wooden circulars that broke and i had to start over with new aluminum ones and everything was great until the rows started getting way too tight on the circular….i knew what had to be done but i don’t own double pointed needles yet! But then i thought maybe i could add one of the broken off wooden pieces to sort of form dpn’s…then that wasn’t enough so i had to use the other broken piece but then a crochet needle was adopted into the mix because nothing is working the way it should and i’m confused and scared of this monster i’ve created and i don’t even know if it might be too fragile to transport to work tomorrow and i need Lucy’s help! What a mess.

I’m feeling much better physically though, thank you very much. The antibiotics are working and i only have a minor cough now. Maybe this hat could use some Z-Pak….it worked for me!!