So far, so good. This pattern is knitting up super fast, and now I am even a bit further than the picture. I’m at the heel.

The pattern warns about twisting occuring if you do not exactly match up the upper fold to the leg of the sock. I did not heed that warning. I think I have a twisting sock. Oh well, it doesn’t seem that bad. I’ll try harder on the second one.


  1. Oooooooh – Love it sis!!! Love the colors in that yarn too. I finished the heel flap in my sock last night and start the heel turn today. How did you get the sock gene and it just skipped right over me (grin)? Also saw you in some of my groups today. Hee Hee. Love you.

  2. Barbara Antonelli

    04.27.11 at 4:12 am

    Pretty,Danielle….someday someone will knit me a pair……sigh…..I want white!


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