My roving spun into yarn!

Howdy everyone! Wanna see something soooo cool? Remember this?

This was the third roving I dyed. It’s a Merino and Silk mix and it was named Age of Aquarium, (a great name suggestion by Breida with a B). Well, one of the knitting/spinning geniusesĀ I knit with on Sunday night, Deb, bought it from me and spun it into gorgeous yarn.

Isn’t that COOL!!?? I’m in love with it!

You too could spin yarn as lovely as this! Just go to my shop and buy some and spin it! See? Isn’t that easy? (Ok, maybe right at the moment is not the right time to be pushing roving sales, as I only have one left in the shop right now as I type this, but there are more coming soon. I promise! And the one thatĀ IS there is super fun.)


  1. wow! I’m really surprised at the diference in the “feel” of the yarn as compared to the roving! I would have expected to see a lot more of the bright aqua color in the finished product (actually, this is not the finished product – i hope you can post a picture of whatever she knits this into!).
    The yarn is stunning and the colors seem very wearable – the roving was gorgeous and vibrant but seemed a bit loud for my personal taste in, say, clothing.
    I’m very impressed, Danielle.
    I’m wondering how much of an idea you have in your head of how the spun yarn will differ from the roving and if the way the yarn is spun makes a difference in the outcome.

  2. wow that’s so beautiful. what a difference… can’t what to see how it knits up. i wish i had a knitting group like yours. amazing!!!

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