May 2012…A yarn-free post

May has been the busiest month ever!! Where do I start?

My little man turned 5 years old on May 12th and we had a small party for him. Here he is the morning of his birthday. A brand new 5 year old! (He loves randomly wearing gardening gloves. He thinks they make him look extra cool.)

He got some really great presents, but one of his favorites is this:

The next day was Mother’s Day, and we had a great dinner at Nana and Grandpa’s house. It was a gorgeous weekend, weather-wise, and a perfect Mother’s Day.

The next day I started my new full time job. I really like it! It’s complicated and harder than I had thought it would be, but I’m slowly getting the hang of it and work with really nice people. PATIENT people. It’s a good atmosphere. But I’m still having a hard time getting used to having a job outside of the house again. The days feel so much shorter, and life feels so much busier. I was only there 4 days before we took off and went to FL to see my mom and go to Epcot for Emmet’s birthday. The best part was that my brother Ricky, his wife and grandkids all came too…from CALIFORNIA! Every day was nothing but fun.

Emmet with Grandma:

The little cousins together…it’s hard to believe my brother is a GRANDPA!

And here’s my brother and mom waiting in line with the kids at Epcot:

Hope and Emmet struck up a special friendship. Emmet says he’s going to marry her someday.

Ricky, Sheree, and Emily and Hope…in Morocco!

We got a wheelchair for my mom while at Epcot, because she was worried she wouldn’t be able to handle all the walking. The kids LOVED it. My mom got to use the wheelchair maybe 30% of the time, and the kids took it over the rest of the day. Here we are at the end of the day…notice who’s in the wheelchair?

And this is us on our last morning at the Caribbean Beach Resort. Emmet took this picture:

The next weekend was a long weekend. Do you know why? Are you guessing Memorial Day? Nope! It was my birthday weekend. Some people think they get Monday off because of the national holiday, but it’s really because of my birthday. You’re welcome.

I threw myself a small BBQ and was joined by a few of my favorite people.

Here are Cooper and Emmet riding Emmet’s Gator. Cooper and Emmet were born one day apart.

My second night in the hospital, Mike went into the hospital kitchen to get me something, and came back and told me that there was some dude in there looking for a corkscrew because he’d just had a baby and he and his wife had a bottle of wine to open. I was very jealous, and joked around with Mike about finding their room and asking them to share their wine with us.  We met them again a few days later at the pediatrician’s office, when we were taking the boys for their first checkups. After a few more chance meetings, I finally asked for their phone number and made a date to hang out. It was the boys’ first playdate ever! 5 years later, the boys are still great buddies and love playing together.

Here is Tim and Maiya, Cooper’s dad and mom:

They also had another baby 2 years ago, and he’s the happiest, cutest little man I know. His name is Bode:

Wendy, Melissa and Evan were also in attendance at my gathering. They are not only my friends, they are my family. I have the greatest friends in the world.

Tomorrow I celebrate 7 years of being married to the love of my life. I hope for many more years with this wonderful guy:

It’s kind of a weird looking picture of both of us, but I like this one anyway. In real life, we’re each much more super-model-ish.  😉

I will post again soon, as I have many yarny things to show you AND something yarny-exciting to tell you! You’ll have to wait though…this is like a cliff hanger.






  1. Emmet took a great picture! What a fun post.

  2. Barbara Antonelli

    06.7.12 at 4:09 am

    I Really enjoyed that post…and I was there for most of it! Didn’t we have fun Danielle? We’ll have to do it again next yr. if I’m still here… in Florida that is…Ha! Love you Mom

  3. i HATE cliffhangers!
    good to hear what’s been going on! miss you!

    • Danielle

      06.9.12 at 10:36 pm

      Haha! You just made me realize I really should try to get up the next post before the day is done. I’ve been so busy lately it’s been ridiculous around here. I’ve got exciting news though…and I’m psyched to share it! I’ve been reading your blog but I’m sorry I haven’t had too much time to comment. I sneak a peak when I can while at work, and I always think to myself that I’ll comment later when I get home….and then later comes and the next thing I know, I’m in bed. 🙂

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