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Oscar night

This is what we were doing while watching the Oscars. I am already more than halfway done with the other sock now and so excited to have a pair soon! It will be the first thing i’ve knitted and kept for myself! (Of course, i don’t think they would FIT anyone else. They’re a bit tight on me.) And Maiya is knitting a SWEATER!! She went straight from hats to a sweater and she’s almost done. This was the sweater she started before learning hats…the sweater that’s taken about a year to get this far….but that’s ok! That’s a bigger attempt than i dare to make yet….although i’m getting really close to being that confident.


Pay no mind to the adorable children in this photo. Please ignore the happy faces, the good book reading and the cute pajamas.

Please redirect your focus to THAT GORGEOUS HEADBAND!!!
I totally made that!! I got the pattern from .

It was the first thing i tried with cables. I was quite in love with it…i made it for Maiya a few months ago and forgot to take a picture of it to post. 

The Fascine Braid sock…one down!

This is what my sock looked like before lunch today. And before watching a video online about how to do the Kitchener stitch. And yes, i did wear it around the office like this, with the needles still attached. I’m quite proud, you see.

And the bottom 2 pictures are the whole sock finished tonight, after weaving in ends and wearing it around the house, showing it off to Mike and Emmet. 
So now i have to start ANOTHER! Sigh…..i wish the human race was only made with one foot. But on the up-side, it should go MUCH quicker than the first, now that i know what i’m doing!
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