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The sock is on hold….

The sock book i ordered online STILL is not here and i haven’t really had the time to go on youtube and watch the video Amy recommended so in the meantime i’ve started THIS! it’s a Radiating Star blanket. It’s my mother-in-law’s Christmas present…a little late but she’s ok with that. Can you believe i started this thing on 4 double pointed needles??? You start in the center and work your way out, eventually switching to circular needles. It took me a couple of DAYS just to figure out how to get the first row done….even the lady at the yarn store couldn’t do it! But i am nothing if not persistant…and eventually i figured it out! Pretty neat huh? 

A heel flap, a heel turn and gusset..OH MY!

Ok, i know that hundreds of you,…nay, thousands, perhaps…..have been waiting with breaths held to see the heel flap i have worked so hard on. And i dare not disappoint:

TADAHHHH!!!!    The heel flap was easy. But turning the heel was a bit more
This, my friends, is a heel turn and it would not have been hard…SHOULD NOT have been hard….but the woman who wrote the sock directions had it in for me. It took me 3 tries on practice yarn before i gave up and decided i needed help. So i went to Lucy, knitter savant, and she tried to figure it out…she even made her own sam
ple at home and she said it took her 3 tries but she eventually got it right. She brought it in to work to show me and i went home and tried 2 more times and FINALLY figured it out. It was not me being thick….it was that sneak of a sock pattern writer. Well i showed her!
But now, alas, i am stuck again. I’m supposed to do “the gusset” next. Now, i had no idea what a “gusset” was and the pattern writer did not feel the need to embellish, so finally i looked it up online and found a picture

So now i see what the gusset is but i can’t figure out how to make it happen!! I think the pattern lady is trying to sound smart. Even Lucy could not figure out how to start the gusset after reading the directions with me over and over. Maybe i should have started my first sock with an intermediate pattern….this could be my fault. But seriously, the woman didn’t even feel the need to explain what a gusset was, much less make any sense in her directions on how to make it! So once again i am at a standstill. I did order a Knitting Socks book off Barnes and but it hasn’t arrived yet. I’m hoping that will clear things up. I could just quit this sock and start another, easier sock…..but now i am angry. I WILL make this sock. Now it’s personal. 

I have a feeling the lady at the little local yarn shop will be getting another “help” visit from me this weekend….this time i may have to buy something so she doesn’t think i’m just using her. 

Oh yeah, and have i mentioned that this sock is looking a little tight? Lucy’s not so sure it will fit a human foot. This sock is going to kill me.


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