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My son the entertainer.

A Knitting Standstill

Sigh…there’s something wrong with the blanket. I was having so much fun with it, whipping through and loving the way it grows…but then i’d be off by one stitch…and one stitch off would mess up the pattern. So i took out a bunch of rows trying to figure out where the mistake was. I thought i found it, knit up a few rows again but it still was off. So i took out MORE rows, started again, and it was slightly off! Took out more rows again and was very careful to make sure everything was right on the row i ripped down to….counted, double counted, checked everything twice……everything seemed perfect so with a gusto i started up again and BAM! ONE STITCH OFF!!! On row 47! Could it be a mistake in the pattern? I want to work on it so badly, but i’m getting more and more frustrated. 

The sock has been on hold while i worked on the blanket and waited for my sock book to come. Well, the book came and i think i might have figured out what i’m supposed to do. I’m not sure if i’ll try it on the sock i’ve started or if i’ll start a new one, a “practice” sock with thicker yarn so that it will finish quickly. 
I’ve been in a reading mood lately too and it’s hard dividing up what little extra time i have between my 2 favorite pastimes. But tonight, i think i’ll relax and read…save my knitting frustrations for the weekend. 

Emmet / January 18th

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