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Here it is! All done and waiting for some tiny little child going through chemo to love it. I say tiny because it is much smaller than i thought it would be….it barely fits Emmet! It should fit a girl toddler pretty well, i think. Picking up the stitches along the bottom was easier than i thought it would be! And kinda fun!

And here we are Thanksgiving Day. we had a great time at Noonan’s house and it was cool to watch Emmet play with Abby and Madelyn. The last picture is my favorite. Sooo funny!


PHEW! Not only did it somehow all come together, but it looks GOOD!

Now comes adding on the brim. I have to pick up the stitches along the bottom. I have no idea how to do that but i am at work and i have Lucy here and so between them both, i think i should be able to do this.

What on earth ????

Ok. This may look like a twisted knitting science experiment. But this is the chemo hat i’m making. LUCY I NEED YOU!!! If you remember correctly, i started out on wooden circulars that broke and i had to start over with new aluminum ones and everything was great until the rows started getting way too tight on the circular….i knew what had to be done but i don’t own double pointed needles yet! But then i thought maybe i could add one of the broken off wooden pieces to sort of form dpn’s…then that wasn’t enough so i had to use the other broken piece but then a crochet needle was adopted into the mix because nothing is working the way it should and i’m confused and scared of this monster i’ve created and i don’t even know if it might be too fragile to transport to work tomorrow and i need Lucy’s help! What a mess.

I’m feeling much better physically though, thank you very much. The antibiotics are working and i only have a minor cough now. Maybe this hat could use some Z-Pak….it worked for me!!
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