The pink yarn

Remember this yarn from my last post? The one I said I fixed?

Well, this was waaaay too much pink for me. So I tied off 4 equal portions and re-dipped it in black….and got the yarn on the right, below.

I like it! And the black ended up being a dark purple. It will make a stunning shawl. I think knitted up it may actually¬†have a tweed effect, but we’ll see. ¬†And I actually love the yarn to the left of it as well…on my computer screen it is looking a bit washed out, but the color is like chartreuse. It’s a lovely wool/silk blend that will go into my store, as soon as I get it started. I couldn’t wait to see what the dark one would look like wound into a cake, so here it is!

I’m going to have to start researching what shawl pattern might look best with this.





  1. Is this the laceweight? I am really curious to see how this knits up. I would not have expected the deep purple – wow! Shawl patterns. There is not enough to do Maelstrom. Panache? Rhodian? Dragon Wing? Tracy’s Shawl? Ethereal? Echo Flower?
    I got more oohs and aahs over my shawl yesterday. I wore it as a hat with wrap scarf to church. It is soooooo beautious. Love you!!

  2. Danielle

    11.21.11 at 3:44 pm

    Yup! This is the laceweight, and I can’t wait to see too, but it’s going to be a while before I can even think about which shawl I can make with it. (Although I will check all those out.)
    You’re so funny with that shawl. You make me so happy. It was worth every stitch!

  3. It most certainly was!! I showed it to Chip’s cousin Jessica when she was over on Wednesday. It is amazing and everyone loves it when they see it. And it’s mine – all mine – Ha Ha Ha (said with that evil mad scientist twist to it – think of the Count on Sesame Street).

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