This morning we went to Tim and Maiya’s house for breakfast and some playtime. Breakfast was delicious! We ate in their dining room at their dining room table because they are like adults…like real grown-ups. Someday Mike and i will have a house and a dining room table and we’ll be like real grown-ups too! Then we won’t have to have all our company eat at the coffee table and on the floor anymore. 

After breakfast the boys played together (sort of) and then the men took them outside to play so Maiya could get a quick refresher course on her knitting.  Maiya and i learned to knit on the same weekend, by different teachers. We found out weeks later that we had both learned how to knit…total coincidence. We also gave birth to our boys one day apart and met at the pediatrician’s office. Our lives seem to parallel each other in so many ways HOWEVER….Maiya made a big mistake. I started my first project as a scarf…Maiya decided her first thing that she would ever knit was going to be a sweater!!!! Well, guess who got overwhelmed and stopped knitting? But now i think we’ve got her back on track and she’s making a hat with the most gorgeous yarn….see? And by the way, Tim liked his birthday hat!