It seems like i haven’t posted anything in forever…. and that’s because my knitting came close to a halt. We have been in the process of buying a house and i can’t believe how time consuming that can be! We are finally moved in as of June 13th and now the house is organized and put together, I think i can safely start knitting again. I wasn’t completely idle while i was quiet…i have almost completely finished my first baby sweater! However, it didn’t come out quite as expected and now i’m struggling with deciding whether to finish it or just move on to the next project and take it apart and use the yarn for something else. I followed the directions for 12-24 months and the sweater came out maybe big enough for a 6 month old…or younger. Did i check the guage? No. That would be the smart thing to do. And i am lazy. So now i have a teensy tiny sweater made out of sunny happy yarn…i will take a picture of it tonight and try to upload it for all to see. My older sister thought the yarn reminded her of my son, so it was meant for him….now, if i decide to finish it, it might be meant for one of his stuffed animals.