Well hello there! Just checking in to see if I’ve posted? Well, sorry to disappoint you, and I promise a productive spurt is on the horizon, but the flu knocked me down, and I just couldn’t get back up. The flu lasted a week, then the inevitable bronchitis came, along with gurgling weirdness in my lungs, and chest x-rays. Turns out I don’t have pneumonia (Yay!) but after a week of antibiotics and Claritin and Flonase and an inhaler and prescription cough pills…I’m still coughing. (I coughed as I typed that.)

But fun has still been happening. My son got to go trick or treating twice, once with friends and once with Nana. He’s the scary ninja below….

The other cutie is not a shark, nor is he a Klan member…he’s an…..

…..airplane! My friend Maiya actually made that costume.

So I’ve been knitting on the super secret project, and I’m almost on the last chart! I’m going to see if I can finish it next week. That is my big goal right now. I’ve also been spinning wool into yarn on my drop spindle. I must say, it’s coming out very nicely, and very thin. I’m working on some BFL top right now, and I promise pictures in the next post.

The dyeing has stopped temporarily. Being sick doesn’t make for a desire to stand around the kitchen in front of pots of boiling yarn…too much like cooking. But I’m feeling much better and this coming week I’ll dye some more, and I will take pictures of some of the yarn you haven’t seen yet. My husband is working on the graphics for my logo, and as soon as that’s done, I can get some skeins up on Etsy. I’m even going to a yarn dyeing class with my sister this coming weekend!

Well, I must now get back to the super secret project. At about 400 sts per row, each row takes me almost a half an hour to complete. Sigh.


  1. Barbara Antonelli

    11.6.11 at 4:37 am

    Nice informative blog honey,hope you’re feeling better tonight…Love you,Mom

  2. Aaaacck!! Get better by Saturday!! I am sooo excited about the workshop. Chip is having the boys go out and collect acorns for my natural dyes – and we can even use our leftover coffee grounds for browns. Nothing of mine is super secret. I am working on the sleeve to Chip’s sweater. I love both the ninja and the airplane. That was a great costume idea of the plane. One of the women we know in church that lives in our village came up to Markus today and asked if he wore a wig and glasses on Halloween. Then she told him that she did not recognize him at all when he came to the house trick or treating – even though he was with both of his brothers!! Now that’s a great costume!! I bet Emmet LOVED that ninja costume. It was really cool.

    • Danielle

      11.6.11 at 7:48 pm

      I will be totally fine by next weekend…I’m actually fine today except for the cough, which gets better everyday. Yay!

  3. awwwww they are sooo cute!!!tell emmet im trying to get his cape lol

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