And finally…

After the grape Kool Aid bath and a couple days spent drying over a chair, we ended up with this:

I can’t seem to get a completely accurate picture of the color, no matter what kind of light I hold this in, but this is pretty close. I’ve named the color Raspberry Dusk. I immediately wanted to see what it was going to look like knitted into something, but what? Shelly thought I should do another Star Crossed Slouchy hat, and since it’s such a quick pattern, I agreed. I really felt the need for some instant gratification. So here it is! The finale of my very first yarn dyeing experiment.

I’m ready for the big league now. I’ve ordered some yarn and some dye and I’m waiting for it to arrive. This weekend I’ll hit some more garage sales looking for big pots and crock pots and see what I can come up with. I’m ready people!



  1. You are AMAZING!!! I need hats for the Ryan 5!

  2. LOOOOOOOVE IT!!! The hat really showed off the blending of the colors too. Where did you order the base yarn from for the next batch? Are you keeping this hat? It is your first dye project and it would be good to keep to see how the kool-aid dyes hold up over time. So Cool!!

  3. Barbara Antonelli

    10.6.11 at 11:52 pm

    I love it!!!! The first picture shows up the color best!! Good job honey,and it only cost 25 cents for the “dye”. can’t wait to see what you’ll come up with next….hmmmm…..

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