My husband has only asked me to knit him 3 things ever. I’ve offered to make him socks or a sweater and he always politely says, “No Thanks.” He did want a hat, however, when I first started knitting, and I made him one, but it wasn’t anything special, and very beginner-like. He asked for an Ipod holder, and I really had great intentions of making one….just never got around to it. So this winter, when I made a pair of convertible mittens for my sister, he actually really liked them! He ASKED for a pair and I was so happy to oblige. I would finally knit my husband something to be proud of.

Then he started making requests….can they have individual fingers? Can you have the thumb convert too? Can you add maybe a small design or stripe or something? I sent him to Ravelry and he found these Podster Gloves. They were everything he wanted. Over a month later, and weeks of me cursing individual fingers, I finished Mike’s Convertible mittens.

Mike's Convertible Mittens

Aren’t they cool?? And I managed to get them finished before winter was completely over, so he got to actually wear them for awhile!

I wish I had a pair. Sigh….