Month: March 2009

The socks are FINISHED!!

Here they are:

I am so darn proud of them! I messed up the second one a bit because i got cocky at the end and stopped paying close attention to the directions and decreased EVERY row of the toe instead of every other row and now the sock on the left has half the amount of toe space as the sock on the right. But i don’t care too much…i still wore them to work the next day and ran around the office without shoes on. Thanks Shelly,  for the sock pattern from hell and the awesome sock yarn!!! I love my socks!! 

What to make next……maybe it’s time to start a baby sweater?? Mike wanted an Ipod cozy….that should be fast….and i still have the unfinished scarf for my boss which i’m starting to think i might not finish and then there’s always the blanket for my mother-in-law…that blanket that seems to be cursed at row 45!!! I KNOW there has GOT to be something wrong with that pattern…it can’t be me!! (it’s probably me.)

I’m not that fast

When i asked my mom if she’d looked at my blog recently she said “No! Sometimes you don’t add anything for weeks!” I had to explain to her that i really do knit everyday….but i don’t PRODUCE a new object everyday!! I’ve been working on the second sock for weeks now! But i will do my best to go faster and post as much as possible so my mom can stop being annoyed with me for taking too long. 

So, dear sweet mother….this is for you: