Month: December 2008 (page 1 of 2)

Bramble stitch!

I love the way this stitch looks! After taking apart my boss’s scarf 3 times now, waiting to see if i could find the right pattern to show off this particular yarn, i think i’ve found it! And it takes FOREVER to get a couple of rows done. If i do the entire scarf this way, it won’t be done till Spring….but i’m going to try.        

Liana’s scarf

Here is the finished scarf i made for my little sister. I showed it at its beginnings very early in my blog…it took forever to finish but finish i did! And i sent it out on Christmas Eve, like this, in this box. She loves it and wears it all day long she told me…who knows, she may even take up knitting because of it…cuz she wants another! It’s just a fancy rib stitch but i think it’s the organic cotton yarn that makes it so beautiful. It’s so soft and drapes so nicely…i’ll definitely be buying that yarn again in the future. 

Christmas day funny was one of Emmet’s new gifts from Nana and he was soooo funny with it. someone really enjoyed the sound of his own voice! 

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