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Mustard Seed Yarn Lab

I did it! I’m in business! I dyed almost all my yarn and finally managed to get it uploaded into my Etsy shop. If you’d like to see the shop, go ahead and click here.

It’s taken a longer time than I thought to get off the ground, but I blame the holidays and a suddenly incredibly busy work schedule filled with lots of overtime. I’m hoping life will calm down now and I can make some more (and sell some too!)

Christmas was wonderful. Christmas with a four year old boy is just magical and FUN!

I made the Bella mittens for my sister for Christmas. They were a pretty quick, fun knit, and I might do them again sometime.

The pattern can be found here. Emmet liked them.

And remember the Ribbed For His Pleasure hat I was making? My friend Ben received it from his wife on Christmas morning and he loved it! Here he is showing it off  🙂

I’ve also almost finished knitting the Gaptastic cowl and I’ve started the BeeKeeper’s quilt. Yes people, I’m knitting a quilt. I expect to finish it in a couple years. It’s a great idea really. You use all your leftover sock yarn to make it…I have lots of that! Nothing goes to waste.

Well, it’s late. I’m tired. I’ve been staring at this computer ALL day and I just want to go read my book now (A Game of Thrones…I love it.) I’ll try to be better about making more frequent posts now that life is calming down. Really.   😉


2 more down, 1 to go

Christmas is right around the corner. I started with a fairly good sized list of presents to knit. As of this morning, I have one more to go.  Take a look at the #105 Slouchy 2-Way Cabled Hat. It’s a forgettable name for an unforgettable hat.

It can be worn slouchy, like shown here on my 4 year old (wearing rock star pajamas and playing guitar):

Or it can be worn as a brimmed hat, which is my preferable way of wearing hats:

It was super fast and easy to make. I used size 10 and 1/2 needles as per the instructions, and if I were to make it again, I think I’d use size 10’s. Also, it did not require anything close to the amount of yarn the pattern calls for. I bought 3 skeins, thinking 2 skeins would not be quite enough and I better play it safe, but I actually only used just over one skein. And I have enough yarn left over to make another one, maybe for me!

See how it seems just the tiniest bit too thick…at least it seems that way on me. I will not say who this is for, but I think they’ll like it.

The second finished present is another 2×2 Ribbed For His Pleasure hat. Made for another friend, who will not be named. This is the one I actually dyed all the yarn for. Remember this yarn?

It has magically turned into this hat:

I love it. I know it looks a little pointy at the top, but when you put it on, it smoothes right out.

And last, a picture of my cutie and this year’s tree.

Bella mittens, NOW it’s finally your turn. Yes people, that’s what goes onto the needles tonight. The last present. Can I finish it in time? We’ll see……